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Dec 26, 2012 6:00am EST
it it if of it if it it if it it it if it it it p p 0 it if p respect >>> nasty weather across the u.s. we're going to take you to places where people are cleaning up after mother nature delivers everything from snow to tornadoes. >>> the magic of christmas is about miracles, family and children and that's why it's so painful for people in newtown, connecticut right now. we're going to tell you how they were able to find a little bit of comfort and joy this holiday season. >>> and a big problem for some family hoss may have gathered to watch movies but they couldn't do it with netflix. we'll tell you why and who that company is blaming on this wednesday, december the 26th. good morning, maryland, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us. hope you had a merry christmas. it's all about the blame game, isn't it, even with the weather? >> it's always someone else's fault. i'll tell you who's not going to take the blame, that guy, meteorologist mike massco. >> i thought this was exactly where it's heading, blame me on the weather. look, charley, megan, d.c., that's going to be the first to see some snow. t
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am EST
and it brought the u.s. back into world war 2. >>> a show of support for people who served in the military. tonight living hope ministries is holding the military christmas tree lighting ceremony. that event starts at 7:00 this evening. >>> and purple friday and the ravens are getting ready for the battle of the beltway. they take on the redskins on sunday. kick off is set for 1:00. the ravens are coming off a loss to the steelers. if they win, the ravens will be guaranteeed a spot in the playoffs. and they will clinch the division if they both lose once again. kickoff is set for 1:00. >>> another battle to tell you about. and this one has to do with the hills. which is better federal or captiol hill. the travel channel is comparing the two in a show that's coming out add be at cross street market for filming for the special. we're joined now by the executive director of lexington and baltimore public marketsch this sounds like a no brainer. >> it does. we're coming out on top for this comparison. >> if someone moved to the area, they don't spend a lot of time how would you describe the
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am EST
complicated when that's in play. the u.s. supreme court is now hearing a case and we'll look at what it could mean. >> nausea, ram heart rate, even slipping into a coma. these are all things doctors have seen in kids swallowing something that's common place in most of your households. >> we're all shopping this time of year. so why not shop local and see where the proceeds go to a great cause? happening thanks to three business owners in ruxton. >> well, we are going to be dry and cold for today. but we do have some wet weather back off towards the west. i'll tell you when that moves in and also the mild air returns coming up. >> well, lynette traffic is moving right along here on 695 in baltimore national pike. i'll let you know what it looks like out on 95 and 83 coming up on "good morning maryland." >> eight minutes after 6:00 right now. a live picture of new york city's times square. let's head up there right now for a look at today's techbytes. >> in today's techbytes record- breaking sales for call of duty bluecaps 2. the -- black ops 2. it racked up $1 billion in sales worldwide in jus
Dec 24, 2012 6:00am EST
% of the u.s. smart phone market and that same 12 week period before thanksgiving samsung had 32 -- 42% you this they lead by a wide margin in europe. there are two places to track santa's trip one is norad the military command center tracking st. nick for years and that's norad and joanna stern says the other site is google. >> google has a tracker site where you can track santa and play fun games. >> reporter: google lets you ask santa to send a friend or relative a message. murray christmas. those -- merry christmas. those are your tech bites, i am rob nelson. w=!n hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >>> people in chile and ar
Dec 27, 2012 6:00am EST
disaster spending bill going through the u.s. senate right now. >>> don't lose your cool. control your temper. simmer down. simmer down. you ever heard any of these? you have. >> i certainly have. and actually, i don't even need to listen to it it turns out. this morning health experts say it's healthy to get mad. that's right. >> that's great. so love it or hate it. we had some winter weather yesterday. we had a full array of weather yesterday. we weren't the only ones. we're going to take a look at the blast of winter and what it did to other communities. >> getting stranded at the airport stinks. and hundreds of people in texas who were in that situation but it really does help if your pilot is sympathetic. we're going to listen to what a captain told his passengers to ease their frustration. >> anger a healthy. mike masco? >> there's the storm from yesterday. pulling off towards the north. here's the other storm. this could be a weekend threat. i'm meteorologist mike masco and we'll talk about that coming up. >> we are dealing with icy roadways across the region and wind restrictio
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5